Friday, February 29, 2008


It is supposed to snow here again tonight. 8-10 inches!!!!! UGHHHHH!!!! We got 3 inches on Wednesday night. The snow is almost to top of the slide on our swing set right now. It is getting a bit ridiculus.

Its not bad enough that we have so much snow, but we ran out of gas late yesterday afternoon so we have had no heat since about 7 last night. It slowly got colder and colder during the evening and David eventually turned off the heater because we could smell gas. He called this morning and the gas company had not delivered earlier this week because they couldn't get into our drive way because it wasn't well cleared (WTF?!?!?!?!?). Okay so maybe you should ring the door bell and tell someone inside the house that you are having trouble so that people don't have to go without heat when it is below zero outside. I am refusing to get out of bed until the truck is gone and I can turn the furnace back on. Then I will probably get back in for a little while to let it heat up the house a bit. It is 50 in here right now. I was worried about Alex getting cold, but he was smart enough to put on his spiderman blanket PJs.

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