Friday, February 01, 2008


Hey, 1/5/06ers, looks like there are only 9 LIDs (technically 7 LIDs and a weekend I guess) between us and those kids we have been waiting so long for. Referrals for 12/27 arrived today. We are finally in single digits. These nine little days could be covered in one month or four. I think it is impossible to even make a guess at this point (unless of course you are Steve and Jen, the adoption statisticians (LOL)). I am hoping to see those big brown eyes and wispy black hair in April, but am not putting any bets on that. Nine little days, that seems like such a short period of time. It's a week and two days. We are so close!!!!!!
Oh so close and yet so much to do at our house. The nursery needs painted and papered. The outlets need plugged, stairs gated, furniture attached to the walls, cabinet latched installed. Shopping to be done:car seats, baby thing, travel gear. Bedding needs finished and curtains need hung. You would think after nearly 25 months of waiting all of this should be finished by now. Guess I need to get on the ball!!! Thank goodness we have winter break in a few weeks.

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Danielle said...

omg! Carrie that is awesome! I hope this means there will be a speed up at the CCAA.