Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello, We're Horrid?!?!? (and other stuff)

Well the big projections were put up at the queendom this morning. I am amazed to announce that 1/5/06 is the projection for the horrid case. For those of your not familiar with the queendom, every month the woman who runs the blog (AKA the rumor queen) puts up projections for horrid, bad, mid, and good cases based on various polls that she has taken and how the who process/mess has progressed over the last few months. Based on the numbers she has she has project our LID as the horrid case. This means that she thinks we are in next month. She thinks that in about three weeks we will get our referral. Over the last nine months, referrals have only hit her horid case or below twice. Everything else has been above a horrid.

I may be in denial, but I really don't believe that we will be in. I think they will get into January but not to the 5th. I haven't looked at numbers or anything, so this is just a wild guess. My wild guess was obviously very wrong last month, but just humor me this month and play along. Let's hope for 1/4/06 and then be drop-to-the-floor-screaming-and-crying suprised if they get to us.

I think that everyone who reads this blog will be able to hear me screaming when we get the call. We contacted our agency last week to update our contact info. They are going to call David on his cell and then he will call me at work. I am hoping that I don't get the call in class because I don't want to lose it in front of 17 teenagers. I get out of class at around 10:25 every morning for my plan period and then go back at about 12:30. My agency said that they usually call as soon as the referrals arrive to let you know what is happening. I have already arranged for a friend to cover my afternoon class so that I can haul a** to pick up Alex and get to the agency office to see this small Chinese person who will be ours.

We have started to get some things we will be needing. We got the wallpaper border for Annika's room and are going to paint it over winter break. we have ordered a new car seat and it should be here some time this week. We went with the mighty Evenflo Titan in sage green. It is super soft and looks like it will hide stains well plus it came highly recommended by a friend. I have been slowly picking up a few things from the packing list as I see them on sale. We talked about registering someplace but have decided to hold off since we don't know how old she will be so we don't exactly know what we will need, plus we have most of the big things we will need already. I still need to clean all of the extra stuff out of the bedroom and go through all of the stuff we saved from when Alex was younger.

I am so ready for this to be OVER!!!!

**Is anyone else having trouble with spell check on blogger? I haven't been able to get it to work for about a week now. **


Anonymous said...

Carrie, If you choose to register some where please email me and let me know. I would love to send you a gift when you get your referral. :)

Danielle said...

ps thats my post


Allison said...

Next month! You've got to call me! I don't spend enough time at Babies R Us ;) I'd love to go shopping for you and your dumpling :) We're SOOOO pulling for you!

Ruby Cate said...

So with you on the spell check garbage... not working here either. I've been cutting & pasting my posts into emails, checking them there & once finished, RE-cutting & pasting back into blogger. GOOD TIMES!

Oh, and good friends of mine are LID 1-10-06. They both think they'll get their referral in April cuz they think CCAA will make it to the 5th or 6th at the most for this next batch. *smile* Let's hope they're right!

New England H Family said...

Oh, you can lose it in front of teenagers. I almost lost it in front of grown adults. I was just getting ready to go to lunch at work, but then I saw the first report of a call - it came at noon on a yahoo group we had set up for those of us with LIDs of late Oct. I completely lost my appetite and called DH (who was at home), but he hadn't heard anything yet. I was a nervous wreck. I closed my office door and sat in there shaking like a leaf on the verge of tears for nearly 45 minutes when DH called with the news!!! Then, I had a complete meltdown on the phone with him for a few minutes, gathered my wits to call the grandparents and siblings, and then composed myself to go down to the cafe for lunch, where I walked up to tables-full of friends and threw my arms up in a touchdown-sorta-way and announced "It's a girl!!!"

P.S. We are going to want every. single. detail. of your madness that day... !!!

Zoe Mama said...

I can not get the blogger spell check to work either, and I really need it!