Thursday, October 11, 2007

Look out for the fat ones

This morning on the news the perky weather girl who looks amazing in her super tight sweaters shared a bit of "old wives tale" weather wisdom. The tale goes that the fatter the squirrels are the worse the winter will be.
In honor of this bit of information, I finally took a picture of one of the backyard gang. It was raining and the picture is horrible but you get the basic idea (Reminds me of some grainy picture of a mythical creature, like bigfoot or a chupacabra). I think they must have finally broke the bird feeder because he is quite a load and is still able to eat of it. The feeder is probably about a foot across the front (basic Lowe's version). I don't know that he would qualify as fat, I think he is just generally ginormous, mutant large, big boned, etc.
What do you think? Are we all going to be buried under numerous feet of snow (Yipee!!!) or just cold and damp all winter long?

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amy said...

Good question... Cant believe you got that close up picture