Monday, September 17, 2007

What was I thinking

I am taking some graduate courses over the next year so that I will be qualified to teach my anatomy and physiology classes as a college credit next school year. The first class I am taking is Bacterial Pathogenesis. It is all about bacteria. It is an online course so you read a chapter and than either write a post that other students comment on or you write a 3-5 page essay. The final is a 10 page essay. I read the first chapter and foolishly thought "This won't be to hard. I will definitely do well in this class.".

Then I read chapter 2. OMG!!!! I have already been reading for about 4 hours over 3 days and I still have about 20 pages to go. The chapter was only 50 pages long. I have to read it with my laptop on so that I can stop to look up words that I am not familiar with. I do okay as long as there are no distractions (go luck with that one). There have been sections that I do understand (cell division, DNA replication), but there are other parts where I feel like my brain could spontaneously combust. We will be covering the entire book over the course of the semester. I am afraid to look ahead in the book for fear that I will just throw it down in horror and never pick it up again.

Well, I am off to numb my brain again. Wish me luck (and send me smart thoughts).

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