Thursday, September 20, 2007

Moon Festival and Air Head

I bought some red lights/lanterns at Target over the summer so that we can hang them on our porch during the Chinese New Year. They are similar to these but have beads instead of tassels (if I remember correctly). Are you supposed to hang lanterns for the Moon Festival as well? It is next Tuesday and I wanted to put them up on Sunday so they we could look festive for the holiday, even though there are currently no Chinese individuals living in our house. I really need to get us organized before the peanut gets here!!!

Today I told one of my classes that we are adopting because they were asking about my class next semester (we've only been in school for 3 weeks at this point). One girl was very excited and started to ask a lot of questions. I told her that we were adopting from China and my sweet honor student actually asked "Will she be Chinese?". I wanted to make a flip comment about her being Canadian or something but decided against it and just said yes.

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