Thursday, August 30, 2007

3 days down, 177 to go

Well, I have successfully survived the first week of school for the 10th year in row. Actually, it was only two days with students and we get tomorrow off, but you gotta take what you can get. My classes seem pretty decent at this point. I am teaching biology and honors anatomy and physiology 1 and 2. It is my first time to teach A&P and honors and I am more than a little nervous about how it will go. We learned about 30 new terms today in class and spent about half an hour touching ourselves to have a physical action to go with the new things that they learned. I am pretty sure they all thought I was crazy when I made them touch their foreheads and then their toes to practice anterior. They eventually got into it and looked quite proud of themselves when they didn't have to peek at someone else in the room to figure out an answer. I stood on my desk for the first time in my career today. When you have 26 kids in your class, it is hard for the ones in the back to see. I even got to appropriately use the word "murse" in an sentence. It was a red letter day. I think I am going to teach them the anatomical version of head and shoulders next week (cephalic, acromial, patellar, pedal, patellar, pedal). I am trying to think of other body related songs that we can twist around. I can't wait until the first quiz to see if they actually do hand gestures or sing while they are answering questions. That is always funny to watch.

Alex started second grade yesterday at a new school. He is going to public school this year which makes me very happy. There should be no more discussion of extra ribs and he will actually get to do art that isn't a coloring page that involves a bible story (not saying there is anything wrong with bible stories or coloring, but there is more to art than those two things!!!). He will also get to start studying science which is his favorite subject (actually I think it is tied with math). He has a few kids in his class that he knows and seems to making some new friends.

In other news, our Josh is getting very sickly looking. He is almost two years old so it shouldn't be a surprise, but it still isn't fun. He is taking food, but I think that he is just hiding it and he really isn't drinking much any more. He has lost quite a bit of weight and his hair is falling out. He looks like he is morphing into a naked mole rat. I have talked to Alex about it and he is understandably upset. I told him that when he felt like it maybe we could get another hamster. he said okay but that he would prefer a guinea pig. He came out of his room a short time later and said that after Josh died he would like to see what is inside of a hamster (he and I had been talking about dissecting in my class a couple of days before that because he was looking at my textbook). Although I admire how much of a biology teachers son he is, I had to explain to him how that isn't a good idea and we would not be doing that.

**The picture is not Josh, it is a naked mole rat, just in case I confused you.**

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