Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tired of Waitin'

I am having a couple of those pre-referral sick of waiting days, also know as PRS (pre-referral syndrome). Every month at about this time they hit. I have noticed that they are starting to get worse as each month goes by. I get cranky. I become obsessed with rumors (I am at least learning to not get my hopes up with the early ones any more). I want to cry when I visit my usual blogs and see the beautiful little people being so cute. Seeing M3's twins just about did me in last night. The Red Sox fan in the fuzzy party hat kills me with those cheeks every time. Sometimes I think I should just take a break for awhile. But then I realize I need to be able to see some success. I need to see that other people have made it through and survived unscathed. The blogs that I visit give me hope. I am so glad that some of my old favorites are sticking around so that I can still visit and get my China Baby fix everyday. It is wonderful to be able to see the referrals arrive and the travel happen and the settling in once the new family returns home. I know that will be use someday (hopefully not far in the future), I just need to hang on a bit longer. It just seems so hard sometimes.


T said...

Carrie - I know just what you mean. Sometimes I have to take a break from all the boards and even my favorite blogs but then I always go back because I love to see that it really will happen and someday (hopefully in the near future) other people will be reading our blogs and looking at the pictures of our beautiful little girls for inspiration.

I have had to take a permanent break from RQ, though. I think I would have been locked up in a padded room by now if I still followed that as obsessively as I did a few months back.


amy said...

Im sure I will be developing this as my wait continues. Glad I stopped by your blog today/

LID 4/23/07

kikalee said...

Gah. This so sucks that your LID was only a few months from mine and it's resulting in such a long wait. For you to even wonder if Annika is born yet just floors me.

Sparky said...

Just impossible to understand how hard this must be. Come see the chubby cheeked one any time you like.