Monday, May 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

I always have lots of random thought floating around in my head. Some are questions, others are just thoughts that come out of no where for no reason. Here are some things that have been drifting through lately.

  • Why do they serve coconut macaroons at Chinese buffets? I love macaroons and jokingly say that one of the reasons we are adopting from China is because of the macaroons (No I'm not serious, it's really because of the red bean paste buns (LOL))
  • How can the news guy on my morning radio show practically be member of PETA but be a major for supporter of horse racing?
  • Is Alex going to be taller than me by the time he is eight? This boy will not stop growing!!!! He is eating like there is no tomorrow and you can practically see him getting bigger.
  • Is it okay to be crept out by the fact that someone died on Gray's Anatomy from the same thing that I had last fall? One of the characters died from complications of C. Diff. Sometimes when I hear of people that have died from pulmonary embolism I get weirded out. I remember when David Bloom died a couple of years ago. I felt so lucky to have survived my PE. One of my former students died during his sophomore year of college because of a PE. He was this big, goofy boy who was a very talented football player and was never when without a smile. He had hurt his knee and then one day he had trouble breathing and died. That one really got to me. I still think about him sometimes. I wonder why I was spared and what am I doing with the gift of time that I was given. Okay, enough downers, this is supposed to be light
  • Why can't more teenagers use common sense. I am a high school teacher and they never fail to floor me almost daily with the things that they do. I don't feel that I should share stories here on my blog, but let me just say, our future could be scary if some of my students ever get any kind of power as adults.
  • Is Annika even born right now? I have been wondering this since July of 2005. What will it be like when she gets here? Will she like Alex? Will he like her? Will she like us? I try to imagine what she will be like when she gets older. Will she be athletic or girly? What will she look like? Will she like school? Will we be good parents to an adoptive daughter that is from another culture? How will we handle the stares and questions and rude comments? Will we do enough to teach her about her culture? Will we do too much? Will we know when it is enough? I can't wait to get her home and start loving her and having her complete our family.
  • Is it worth paying the admission to the Franklin Park Zoo to see the new gorilla exhibit? We went there three years ago and I swore that we would never go back. The zoo was in horrible condition. The weeds were so high that you couldn't see some of the animals. The gorillas were in a barren area with straw on the floor and nothing else. It was a major disappointment and very depressing. I have been telling anyone that will listen not to go there ever since our first visit. I think I have said that they don't deserve to have gorillas or something along those lines. Then this weekend I see an ad for the new gorilla exhibit. I am curious. I LOVE gorillas, their one of my favorite animals. It actually made me feel sick to see them last time, do I want to risk it again. Maybe we will take our lives into our hands and head into the big city (it's not in the best part of town) for a visit to the gorillas.

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