Monday, April 09, 2007

Two Days

In honor of this months referrals, I thought that I would search Google and find things that you can do in a 2 day period. **
  • Have two fun filled days at the CiderDay Festival in Franklin County, MA, November 3+4, 2007

  • Celebrate the birthday of a pig like this

  • Spend a nice weekend in my favorite place, Rockport, MA.

  • Get one heck of a deal on Canadian tires

  • Get floor trimming from these guys or its free

  • Have one really bad airline trip in England

  • Learn to make this (If your lucky enough to live in Sherman, TX)


  • The average mosquito egg takes two days to hatch

**Yes, two days totally SUCKS!!!!! Yes, I am bummed. Yes, I think we won't get a referral until January. Yes, it is a waste of time to dwell on it and be depressed. Accept it, Get over it, Move on with my life!!!!

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