Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hello!! Welcome!!

Yes, I'm talking to you (all of you). You there that keeps reading my blog and not leaving any comments. I now that your there (I check my site meter) but don't know who you are. Please leave a note and introduce yourself (or say hello if you are an old friend). I don't get enough email already with the groups that I belong to, I think I need some more.


Stacey Teague said...

Hi Carrie, I'm leaving a comment to say that I'm the worlds worst commenter, forgive me :(

Cindy said...

Hi Carrie! It's Cindy from JanDTC2006 Yahoo group. :)


Emma said...

Hello right back! I'm Emma in Australia :-)

Guillerault said...

Thought I'd say hello too. From one Precious Panda & CAWLI family to another!


Three, on the verge of four said...

Hi from your new CAWLI connection (the one who is still sleep-deprived and delirious after FINALLY getting a referral this week!)

So, I didn't see the link to PM you...where are you hiding it?

I haven't had time to add you to my blog yet, but I promise I'll do it soon!

Jen and Steve said...

Hi Carrie,

From Jen and Steve from CAWLI.


Allison said...

Hey! It's Allison. What do you use for a site meter? How does it work? Will you teach me, O Master Blogger? Thanks!

<< M&S Dave >> said...

Loved the mat.
Made me laugh.
And Allison try http://www.ultimate-counter.com/
Its very simple.