Thursday, April 05, 2007

Road to No Where

Does anyone else feel like they are on the Road to No Where?

The latest rumor is that they have only gotten through TWO DAYS of LIDs. I don't know what to think any more. I was set on hopefully getting a referral in August or September, looks like we need to prepare ourselves for a (possible) two year wait if this keeps up. I just wish that they would give us more information about what is happening. If they are going to start referring by the number of LIDs instead of the number of days that is fine, just let us know that. It is frustrating to not know what is happening each month. I don't believe in the speed up that everyone has been talking about for almost a year now. I am fine with that not happening, I just want information and some idea of when we will finally get our daughter.

I feel terrible for those families who have an LID of 10/27 or later if this rumor is true. How heart breaking to really believe that you will be next and then have them cut off at TWO DAYS.

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