Thursday, April 05, 2007

Isn't it April??????

(I have a thing for snowy trees and always want to take pictures of them but they never look the same in the picture)

Looks like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it is supposed to be spring. We got 8 inches of snow since yesterday(Wednesday) morning. We had a snow day today so Alex and I spent a couple of hours outside building snow people (see below) and playing with the neighbor kids (him, not me). I actually sat in the driveway on a lawn chair for about an hour while they played and read a book. It was around 40 outside but the sun was shining so it was nice. I have no learned that you don't remove the snow brush and extra gloves and hat from you van until at least June when you live in New England.

I am also out of school tomorrow because over 200 teachers in the district decided to take a personal day to celebrate Good Friday and there aren't enough subs to cover for all of them. I think everyone will be some place praying that they will finally be able to negotiate a new contract for us. We haven't had one for almost a year now and things are getting pretty tense. Alex has the day off since he goes to Catholic school and David is working from home tomorrow.

Alex is also testing for his white belt in Tae Kwan Do tomorrow evening (Wish him luck). He has been practicing counting in Korean and the various other term that he needs to know. He is very excited and nervous about doing the testing, he has to break a board with his hand. I am videoing it, but on my other camera so I won't be able to share it on the blog, hopefully David will get good pictures of it.

We were going for a beach-y feel since it is SPRING and we are ready for summer vacation and our weekly beach day.

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