Thursday, April 12, 2007


I updated my links so if you are there and don't want to be or aren't there and do please let me know. I had to update so that I can check in on everyone while Alex and I are in Kansas over spring break in a couple of weeks. I want to be able to show all of the Chinese cuteness to my sister and mother so they can be jealous just like me.


Ruby Cate said...

Don't mind at all that we're included in your links, but um... aren't we 'been there doing that' ? LOL We're not really 'waiting' any more unless you count waiting for Ruby to finally USE the POTTY rather than just sit on it. LOL Then sure, we're waiting. LOL Got a potty category? ;)

-Amy & Ruby Cate

T said...

Carrie - Have a great time in Kansas. I want to go back and show Roman and Ming my hometown of Salina someday.