Thursday, April 12, 2007


( That is me in the blue)
I am getting ready to start my second season as the athletic trainer for the women's tackle football team in the town near where I live. They play 10 regular season games and there are playoffs if they qualify. I only work the home games. This year I am also going to start going to practices occasionally to check in with them and see how things are going. I am working a scrimmage this weekend that is supposed to have 100 girls playing in it.

I am a big fan of football at any level, but the first time I went to a game it was strange to see women in football equipment and to think of it as a serious sport. That feeling only lasted until about kickoff. It is not the best quality football that I have ever seen, but some of these ladies are pretty decent considering that most of them had never played before the league started up. These pictures are from that first game. It rained the entire game and was very chilly (great football weather). I got my first injury action (see picture above) and was hooked on women's football. Now I am planning on hanging around as long as they will keep me.

If you are interested in seeing a game, check the link above, there are teams all over the US. There is also another league, WPFL.

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