Sunday, March 18, 2007

Number Two

The other day my students asked me about the adoption. They found the information on a teacher website that I have through my school and were wondering what was going on since I had never mentioned it. We were talking about when the baby may come home, the cost of the adoption, and our trip to China. I have a student in that class who is a repeater, meaning that he has already taken my class once, failed it, and is now giving it another try. He was in my class during the Fall 2005 semester. We'll call him Pete.

Pete came in late in the discussion and was a little confused. At first he thought we were talking about a field trip, but when I said we were talking about my family adopting from China he kind of looked surprised. He said "Your adopting another baby from China!!!!!". Poor guy, I actually laughed at him.


Anonymous said...

I am a chinese girl,and I am in China,my sister and her husband (who is from England)are in the adoption progress,which make me checking something about it sometimes,dont know how I just came across your blog,hope you dont mind:)
Hope you can meet your baby soon,and have a happy life .


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at that one Carrie! How funny :)