Monday, August 14, 2006


(No this isn't Gizmo, it just looks alot like him)

Football is once again upon us. I am watching Monday Night Football as I type this. It is strange for it to be on ESPN. My beloved Cheifs will be playing this Thursday against David's Giants. It is only preseason so it really means nothing at this point, but I would still like for them to win.

We have Sunday Ticket (the NFL football package) at our house so that we can both watch our teams play. If you were to come to our house on a Sunday in the fall you would find David in the family room in the recliner (probably sleeping) and you would find me in the craft room with the picture on but the sound down so that I can listen to Chief's radio guys (I love Len Dawson's voice.)

Prepare yourselves for weekly updates on the Chiefs and some complaining about various things (Terrell Owens is already on my nerves again)

1 comment:

John & Dawn said...

1) Love the picture

2) GO CHIEFS!!! (this is their year - I can feel it!! Of course I say that every year but....)

3) T.O. gets on my last nerve (overpaid spoiled brat - just my opinion that is) :)