Friday, August 18, 2006

Craft Room Update

The craft is finally finished and almost completely moved into at this point. I have been using it for a few weeks now and thought I should post some pictures of it (I straightened it up a little first). It seems alot smaller now that all of the furniture is in it.

This is my desk. I love it because I can spread all of my stuff out and I don't have to move my "organized" piles to work on it.

This is a picture that Alex drew for me to hang over my desk. He is in the water, I am the one kicked back with an "adult" drink in the chair, and David is napping on the sand.

This is Alex's work area.

This is my cutting table. Since I am 6'3" I needed something really high to save my back while I cut. This is a bar table that I bought at an unfinished furniture store. It works perfectly. I have a stool that I use to sit on but it hasn't got moved to the basement yet. I also keep some plastic drawer units under it but they are still up stairs also. The door behind the table is a closet under the stairs where we have all of our Christmas decorations stashed.


Koenig rugrats said...

LOVE your craft room Carrie!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Wow, awesome room! You are going to have some great times in that cool space.

kikalee said...

It's beautiful!