Monday, July 17, 2006

Official New England Tour

My parents(from Kansas) and aunt and uncle(from Minnesota) came to visit us last week. They had never been here during the summer, so we did the grand tour while they were here. Here was our agenda.

Day One -- We visited Kennebunkport, Maine so that we could show them Walker Point and actually saw some Bushes (Jeb and his family according to the bike cop who was pedaling by) in the yard and secret service on the boat dock. We then headed back south and hit the Weathervane where the visitors tried lobster for the first time.

Day Two and Three -- We headed out for my favorite place ever, Rockport, MA. It is nothing fancy, but I love this place. The family enjoyed it but had hoped for bigger waves at the beach. The men, including Alex, took a sail at sunset on a schooner. We stayed in a nice bed and breakfast .

Day Four -- We hit the New England classic, The Christmas Tree Shop. My mom and aunt loved it there.

Day Five -- We toured Boston on day five. We started out with the Duck Boat tours and then moved on to Quincy Market. After we ate some lunch and did a little shopping, David gave us his official tour of Boston since the duck tour doesn't include Fenway or the universities.

Day Six -- Today we went to my least favorite beach, Hampton Beach. It was a Friday afternoon(zillions of people), really hot(self explanatory), and the tide was coming in(huge waves). The only time we usually go to this beach is for the Penguin Plunge (the beach is generally pretty empty on the first Saturday in February). Needless to say, I survived and got some good ice cream in the process.

Day Seven -- Aunt and Uncle returned home. My van broke on the way home from the airport in Boston. (Thank goodness it made it through the week since we would not have all fit into David's 4 Runner). We went out with my parents for a nice dinner and they left early on Day Eight.

I was very proud of everyone. They tried all kinds of new, different foods (lobster, scallops, calamari, haddock) and loved them all. My dad's new thing is scallops, he is going to order them everytime that he comes here from now on. They really enjoyed the beach even though all of us got knocked off of our feet at least once while we were at Hampton Beach. They are already talking about having a family reunion up here some time in the future.

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M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Wow, sounds busy and beautiful!