Thursday, June 01, 2006

Warning: Whining Ahead

I so looked forward to joining a secret pal swap with my DTC group. I couldn't wait to receive a package each month with cute stuff like everyone else puts on their blogs. I am enjoying shopping for my pal and am always keeping my eyes open for neat stuff.

(Here comes the whining) I hadn't received my May gift so I contacted our organizer last week. The next day, my pal contacted her saying that she couldn't continue with the swap. I don't know the reason why she dropped out. We have only exchanged packages for two months at this point (and I've only received one). I feel jipped. The organizer is rearranging things so that I will get a new pal so hopefully everything will start again this month. My secret pal exchange can't even go as planned!!


Stacey Teague said...

Same thing happened to was so frustrating, ONLY my secret pal never told me she couldn't continue, so I was just left high and dry. I loved sending to my secret pal, so I just focused on that.... ARGH!

Linda said...

Same thing happened to me ... a board that I belonged to did a Christmas exhange ... we agreed to open the presents one at a time during a live chat so that it would be like a real Christmas party ... my present (though it was nice) arrived 3 weeks later ... I ended up feeling very left out of the party festivities!

Koenig rugrats said...

Carrie, that is disappointing! I hope they find you a new pal soon.

Redheaded Chick said...

I totally know this feeling...I haven't received a gift for April or May, and my secret pal hasn't responded to the coordinator's email!

My bib, baby socks, and children's book swaps have all be going well so far though...knock on wood!

K said...

Sorry to hear that your secret pal bailed.

If it makes you feel any better, I was matched with a secret pal in Europe and my gifts get returned to me by the post office every month because the stinkin' post master keeps losing the $#!@ customs slip!!!

Thousands of packages go to Europe every'd think by now they would have a system that works.