Tuesday, May 30, 2006


We went to Montreal this weekend. It was fun.

Okay, important thing first. I found a store that actually carries nice, cool tall plus size clothing (they also had medium and petite plus sizes). I went a little crazy in there. The store is called Addition-Elle. It is only in Canada and you cannot shop there online even though they have a website. So if you wear big clothes and are in Canada you should definitely check it out.

Now back to the rest of the weekend. It was a birthday-anniversary trip. We ate very well, did some shopping, and checked out the sites. One of my favorite purchase of the weekend is this picture. It reminds me of Alex because this is his favorite "flower". It makes me smile and I refused to leave the gallery without it. We also bought four others. They are prints of paintings that are on large ceramic tiles.

We visited the Chinese Garden at the botanical garden. We all enjoyed it very much. These rocks are called The Three Stars. They symbolize happiness, longevity, and prosperity. I thought it was kind of ironic that the prosperity stone symbolizes a deity that insures the production of many offspring.

This looks like a regular peony, but it is actually as big as a dinner plate. It was GORGEOUS and smelled awesome.

Alex's favorite stop was the insectarium (also located in the botanical garden). It was very interesting and Alex loved taking pictures of all the creepy crawlers with my digital camera. It was a great weekend all around.


Koenig rugrats said...

Carrie, Great pictures! Alex and my Liz would get along well. She loves creepy crawlers too ;)

Redheaded Chick said...

Oh, I am so jealous...I love Montreal and especially the botanical gardens....

Made in China said...

Hey, nice to see you were visiting my city! The botanical gardens are really nice and in the fall they have a Chinese lantern festival there! I hope you got to have a smoked meat sandwich and a poutine!