Thursday, March 23, 2006

So, How was your week?

I realized today that it has been awhile since I had blogged anything so I thought I would just throw out some random stuff.

  • I went to Babies R Us today to look for my first secret pal gift. I found some really cute stuff that I hope my pal will like. I had some trouble picking something because the theme is lucky ladybugs and I am not to into the whole ladybug thing. Sure I have a pair of earrings and a bracelet that have little lady bugs on them, but I think its kind of silly to go too crazy with the whole thing. Plus I don't know how my pal feels about it so I didn't want to overdo it.
  • The shopping trip also gave me an opportunity to ogle all of the cute sundresses and swimsuits that we won't be needing for at least one more summer. Girls' clothing is so much more fun than what they have for boys. They had a really cute watermelon bikini that had a little skirt on the bottom. I could just see a little brown belly sticking out of it.
  • We made babies in my biology class today. I have been talking it up to the kids since Monday. It is always a fun activity to build up to because they have no idea what is coming but love to make jokes about it (esp. the boys). I think that everyone had a good time doing the lab and it is funny to listen to them talking about what the kid would really look like.
  • I am almost finished it the basement and am hoping to start moving down there this weekend. It looks pretty good (if I must say so myself). I will post pictures once I get all moved in.
  • I got two packages today, one good and one bad. I received my Texas Bug shirt which totally made my day. I also got a swimsuit which ended up being WAY to small. Let's jsut say I am not the Biggest Loser and leave it at that.
  • Read a terrible rumor this afternoon which is probably a thought at the back of all of our minds. I am praying that it is not true.

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Lisa~~ said...

Shop and ignore the rumors/bad news, that's how I get though each and every long miserable month. That's also why I participate in so many secret pal swaps!!