Sunday, March 12, 2006


There is a rumor floating around that an agency in Sweden is telling people that the wait is going to increase to 16-18 months. There is no info about when this time period starts (beginning of paperchase, LID, etc) or ends(referral, metcha day).

If we have to wait 18 month for a referral I think that I will go insanely crazy. I have pretty much accepted the possibility of 12 months, but 18 would put me over the top. You all will be finding me laying someplace dark in the fetal position talking to myself if we have to wait that long.

Lets all hope that this one is false.


Koenig rugrats said...

OH Carrie..I hope that rumor is wrong. I cant fathom waiting that long. I believe Korea is 18 months for a little girl too..

Shelli said...

WHAT?! I was ok about the slowdown to 10-12 months -- not happy about it, but I accepted it. 16-18 months though? NO, NO, NO... I hope that is not true!

Stephanie V said...

Yep, I've heard it too and I think we're headed that way. What I heard is 16 months to Referral, 18 months to travel and no indication of when it's going to be "implemented". With the current trend being 3 months to complete 30 days and the time from LID to Referral increasing ever so slighty with every single month that passes, I think we might be in it.

BUT, make no mistake about it, I'm hoping it's just a vicious, vicious rumor.