Sunday, March 12, 2006

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I have a part time job as an athletic trainer. I work a couple of times a month for a local physical therapy clinic covering various athletic events. Over the last few weeks I have been working different levels of the state girls basketball tournament and today I worked the hockey state final games.

I worked high school hockey when I lived in Texas (yes, they play high school hockey in Texas), and really enjoy this sport (except when I have walk on the ice). There is one sensory experience that is totally unique to hockey. There is a smell associated with hockey that you really don't get with any other sport. The kids that play hockey are possibly the stinkiest people you will ever meet. They themselves don't stink, but their equipment is HORRENDOUS!!!!! Imagine that these kids wear the same pads everyday from the beginning of the season (or possible longer), they practice and play in them, they sweat profusely in them, and they NEVER wash them. I walked into a locker room and the smell was so strong that it almost made my eyes burn. I don't know how they stand to be around themselves. The worst part is that once you touch one of them, the smell transfers to you. Heaven forbid you ever have to help one of them off of the ice (the same goes for large football players). I once had to help a boy who had hurt his shoulder. I had to help him off the ice, help him get his jersey and shoulder pads off and then examine him. That night I had to wash my coat, gloves, and both of the shirts that I had on because of the stench. IT IS GROSS.

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Koenig rugrats said...

My husband played hockey for years and its funny you bring this up..just over the weekend we found his STINKY hockey gear and I promptly threw it away! It is the worst smell!