Tuesday, January 17, 2006


(Yes, I know I used this picture before but it seemed fitting)

Is it too early for me to decide that I want our daughter NOW?!?!?!?!? We are only a month out from DTC and for some reason this weekend I decided that she should be here now and it is seems impossible that I will be able to wait God-only-knows-how long for her. I think that my problem is that I am reading too many groups that are talking about wait times. I had been telling myself that we would get our referral in December or January and now I am thinking that August or September could be possible. I think that I need to back off of the groups that aren't associated with my agency for awhile and just stick with blogging.
Alex is talking about her about 30 times a day. He made signs for the door of her (future) room. He made signs for his door to keep her out (skull and cross bones, list of who is not allowed in his room which includes Annika, etc). He was actually hoping that a package we received today would be more paperwork for his sister (I don't think Crate and Barrel deals with international adoption, but I could be wrong). I don't bring the subject up with him unless he talks about her first. I keep telling him that we won't find out anything about her until after school starts next year. Tonight he was talking about how she would be here for Valentines day next year. He keeps asking to make things for her so that we can send them to her in China. I told him that we can make them but we will have to keep them for a while because we don't know where she is at right now. A couple of the things that he has made now will be going into her scrapbook because they are just to sweet.
I guess it will be a long wait for all of us.

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Ruby Cate said...

So let's see the cute little scrapbook additions! I'D LOVE TO SEE A BUDDING ARTIST'S WONDERFUL CREATIONS! (all made with love of course!)

And thanks for the comment about Ruby's short & sassy hair, she liked yours too! ;)