Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I went to Babies R Us the other day to browse. When I was looking for a spot I considered parking in the expectant mother spot. I know that we are not carrying around a squirming little gallbladder kicker (Alex did this two nights before he was born, not fun at all), but aren't we still expecting?? I didn't do it because I figured some poor woman who is eight and half months pregnant would pull in after me and,because of me, have to waddle a all the way through the lot to get to the door. I parked farther away and got a little exercise(need to get ready to climb the Great Wall and it will take me the next ten months to get in shape, so every trip across a parking lot is helpful).


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Oh I totally forgot about those parking spots! I WILL park in one at least once before bringing Funshine home. It's a secret thrill of mine. Thanks for reminding me!!!

Lisa~~ said...

I'm eyeing the Parents with children parking spots. Can't wait to be able to use those precious words...umm, spots.

John & Dawn said...

This is so funny that you have this as a topic. I too have thought about parking in the "expectant" spot on more than one occassion, but I have resisted so far. :) I like M3's idea of doing it at least once before our kiddies come home though. Too funny.