Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Big Brother

Alex has started to talk about Annika alot lately. He says he can't wait for her to get here. It is hard to explain to a five year old that you really don't know how much longer you will have to wait and if we didn't know he still wouldn't understand because he has no concept of time (as in months) right now.

Since before we started this process, I have been worrying about telling him that we are going to travel to China. I didn't know how he would handle it. Last night we were out at dinner and he said "I think that you and I and daddy should fly to China and get Annika right now." I hoped this was my shot and took it. I asked him if it would be okay for just David and I to go to China and for him to stay here. He asked where he would stay. We talked about that for a few minutes and he said he would stay with a specific friend in our neighborhood or with my family as long as his twin cousins would be there (these were already our two options, so its good that he chose them). I am not bringing it up again until he does, but at least the initial telling went well.

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