Saturday, December 17, 2005

Let the Eating Begin

This week is "grazing" week at school. It kicks off my holiday eating Binge. We all bring in food for everyone shares. As you can imagine, a lot of what is brought is not too healthy, so of course I chow down. I think that I gained five pounds last year. I am going to try to be good this year (which will last until the day that the fudge appears)

At the end of the week we will head to Kansas for a week. I am always happy to go back home and see everyone. It is also a chance to eat at all of the places that we don't have in New England. We usually go to Sonic at least every other day while we are there (mainly for strawberry limeades). Then there is the Mexican food. We have a Mexican food buffet on Christmas day and then go out to a great little place in the town where my parents live. Plus you have to factor in all of the Christmas goodies that my mom makes (i.e. FUDGE, FUDGE, FUDGE)(If you haven't noticed yet, I have a major weakness for fudge). We will probably finish up by hitting Chipotle's in Kansas City before we leave on Friday.

Well, I gotta go so I can eat lunch (LOL).

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