Tuesday, November 01, 2005

USCIS Fairies


I got the most exciting email today. Up here in the great white north we are required to take an adoption class before they will let us complete our homestudy (too bad they don't do this for bio parents as well LOL). At the meeting, we met a nice couple who are on the same timeline as us with the same agency so we are figuring that we will be in the same travel group. We are very excited about finding someone else who may be in our group so early in the progress.

So on to the email, B emailed me today that they received their 171 in the mail yesterday. I am very excited for them, hopefully that means ours will be here anyday now. It has only been five weeks since the two of us mailed in our I600s and three weeks since fingerprinting. Wish us luck that the USCIS fairies will smile on us soon. It was a bummer when I opened the mailbox this afternoon but I am trying to be patient.

Once we receive the 171, it will take about three weeks for our agency to certify and authenticate everything (gotta love CAWLI) and then it is off to China. C'mon DTC!!!!!
(I found the image at a site called Bubble Fairy Press. They have lots of cute toddler fairies including bubbles and salsa. They would be cute in a nursery, just not mine :-).)

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Sparky said...

Hurry up USCIS fairies! I'll be sending lots of fairy dust your way.