Friday, November 04, 2005

No Mail For You

This is just so wrong. I have been faithfully checking my mailbox every afterrnoon this week. Three of the days there were about 10 items in the box when I got home (None of them what I was hoping for). That at least gave me something to shuffle through a couple of times in case I had missed the envelope. Today I got home and walked to the mailbox with great anticipation. All that was in there was a newspaper. A NEWSPAPER!!!!!!!! I actually walked part way across the street and then turned around and went back to check again just in case I hadn't looked all the way to the back of the box (like it is so big I could miss something).

There's always tomorrow.


Our Journey to Faith said...

Im sorry Carrie. I guess theres really not a way to track USCIS is there? I hope it comes soon!!!! Hang in there :)

Sparky said...

Soon my friend, soon. Hang in there. Your USCIS Fairy will be there soon.