Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Well, Alex is now a happy hamster owner. We bought the cage on Saturday and the rodent on Sunday. I must say that he is pretty darn cute. I always wanted a hamster growing up, but never got one, so now I am living vicariously through my child. We of course had to get a habitrail with tubes and a (supposedly) glow in the dark exercise wheel. He is living in Alex's room with the door closed when we aren't around just to protect him from the three predators that live with us. I will post a picture once I get around to taking one. He decided to name him Josh Honestly.

On the adoption front, we received the return receipt postcard in the mail yesterday and are patiently (HAHAHAHA) awaiting our fingerprint appointment. Hope it comes soon because Dave has a trip coming up and I want to get it done before he goes.

By the way, the Yankees are winning 4-0 in the top of the fourth.

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Our Journey to Faith said...

Congrats on your hamster! Cant wait to see a picture of the little guy :)