Thursday, October 13, 2005


We have a tradition in our neighborhood called BOO. When you boo someone, you leave a small package of treats on a family's porch, ring the bell, and run like heck. You also have to make a sign for the people to hang on their door and a poem that says that the sign will protect your house from spooks as long as you hang the sign on the door and boo 2 people within 24 hours.

We got booed last night so tonight was our turn. We stopped at (the brand spankin' new) Target on the way home and got the goodies. Alex made some phenomenally spooky Boo signs and we headed out after dinner. We had great plans to be sneaky. When you're five and want ot be a spy, you can make up lots of plans. The first house that we planned to hit had an occupant standing in the window so we had to move on to house two. We very slyly snuck up through the front yard just to look up and see the four year old standing in the window. It was to late to turn back so we dropped the goods, rang the bell, and took off. We got most of the way out of the yard and would have been free except Alex hollered "GOTCHA!!!" which definitely gave us away. Okay, not really a successful trip. So, before we hit our second victim we have David call ahead and ask the mom to get the kids to the back of the house. Alex and I hid in the bushes across the street until the coast was clear and then made a run for it. All went well until I hit a slick spot and almost wiped out in the middle of the front walk. Once the door opened, Alex let out another GOTCHA and further blew our cover. I guess it is hard to be sneaky when your five.

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