Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I have become addicted to blogs over the last few weeks, so I decided to start my own.

I guess I should introduce us to the world. We are a family of three looking to expand to a family of four through Chinese adoption. We live in New England. I am a high school science teacher and sometimes athletic trainer. I enjoy quilting, scrapbooking, and gardening. David works for Converse. His hobby is digital photography and all the work that involves. David and I have a 4 year old son who is silly and wonderful (like most 4 year old boys are). He is fascinated with animals, power rangers, and pirates. He would live at the beach if we allowed him to. As a family, we love going to the beach and traveling around the area visiting different places. Our current favorite is Rockport, MA.

We are in the paperchasing/home study portion of the adoption process. We hope to be DTC by December and (at least) have our referral for Annika by this time next year.



Anonymous said...

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Lori said...

Welcome to the world of blog! I just began here myself in June and found it's a good place for expression.

My daughter (16) and son (13) LOVE converse, so I'll have to check out your link!

All my best with your writing and as you prepare for your adoption. God bless...

clew said...

Hi Carrie! Ditto here. I love browsing blogs and my own fledgling blog helps me think. Have fun and good luck with bringing your new little one home.