Sunday, September 06, 2009

She's not a rider

We visited Canobie Lake Park today. Everyone had a good time with a few minor exceptions. I thought that Annika would love the kiddie rides, boy was I wrong. She didn't want to be left on the ride by herself. When we first got there she wouldn't even let me strap her in. After lunch she ran to get in line for the firetrucks. Here is what happened.
She was slightly concerned and a little sad when we strapped her in and walked away. She seemed like she would be okay once it started to roll.
Once it started to roll, she started looking for "Momma?? Momma?? MOMMA?!?!?!"
After one full rotation, there was full fledged terror. Bouncing, screaming, crying. The woman next to me yells, "She's going to fall out on her head". She made it around one and a half times before it all came to a complete stop. A little kove later and all was right with the world again.
Slide show of other events from the day to follow.

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