Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Weekend

It seems like we have done a lot this weekend although looking back on it now, most stuff happened yesterday. We had soccer and dance and then went to Kittery to do a little shopping. Today has been the grocery store and football.

Here are a few things I have learned this weekend
  • it is really not a good idea to take 2 year old shopping when she is not contained in a stroller. Well, our two year old anyway. She is a "shopper", this means that she likes to unfold things, throw them on the floor until she finds the one she likes and then following with it until you take it away from her and pretend that you will buy it (although you really just fold it, and all the others, and put it back on the shelf).
  • Toddlers should not wear white, EVER. David bought Annika some really cute stuff at the outlets while he was on a business trip last week. One is a white sweatsuit with bugs and flowers all over it and the then there is a pair of adorable white capri tight that have a ruffle on the hem. Annika started out in the sweatsuit, got in the shower, sat on a wet wash cloth. I changed her into the white capris and a brown sweatshirt, very cute. I think the pants may be ruined (see next bullet)
  • Never give a two year old a bag of m&ms in her car seat when she is wearing white pants. When we got home last night, Annika's pants looked like they had been tie-dyed because she had dropped them into her lap and they fell under her bottom during the ride home. I have been able to get out everything except for a couple of spots of red.
  • Fat free french vanilla yogurt and homemade chunky applesauce make a pretty amazing fruit smoothie.
  • There is a pretty amazing Jamacian resturant in Cape Neddick, Maine. We were driving along passing lobster pound after lobster pound when all of the sudden there was a big sign that said Jamaican Food on it. We had to keep going and turn around because we passed it. It had a few jerk meats and curry (including goat). I was a little concerned about eating it since I have been having some reflux issues but went for it anyway. They made it "New England" spicy in my opinion (this means not even a little bit hot) but it was still pretty good.

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