Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Annika has a lot of hair (that may be an understatement). I am getting tired of doing the same three things with it everyday. The other day when I was blog surfing I found this idea at M3's blog. After following a couple of links I found all kinds of ideas. Here is what I did this morning.
I got her to sit down by promising her princess hair. Then with a little help from Dora and a container of hair bands, it was as easy as pie to pull it back.


Anonymous said...

Grandma thinks Miss Annika looks like a princess with her pretty hair! Annika, your mommy has lots more patience than your grandma!! We can't wait to see you, Alex, Mommy and Daddy in about 3 weeks! Grandma

M3 said...

Alright!!! That rocks, seriously, she looks great. And dang, you did those parts and ponies really well, can you come over to our house and show me how you got it all straight looking?

Carrie said...

I bought a rat tail comb, it makes parting much easier.