Monday, February 23, 2009

Old Pictures

I scanned some pictures to put up on Face Book and decided to post them here as well. They are in order from youngest to oldest. The oldest are from 1989, I'm getting old.

I'm the one on the left with the 'fro. I didn't discover the big hair with high bangs until college.

This is senior prom. We thought we were pretty cool. I made the dress myself, it's good to know how to sew when your 6'3". I also made my wedding dress (8 years after this prom dress).

This is my junior year of college when I walked on at KU. My family came to watch me ride the bench. This is my Grandpa Pete. He was so great and I still miss him sometimes.

I went to the Aloha Bowl in Honolulu with the football team when I was a senior in college (the first time). I was the only person from KU who got hurt at the game. I slipped in a puddle of ice at the end of the tunnel from the locker room as I went out to the side line. I ended up sitting in a dugout near the end zone for the first half and behind the water coolers for the second. Thank goodness it was at the end of the trip.

I just think this one is funny because I look so incredibly tall in it (Yes, I know I am incredibly tall, but usually don't see myself that way). It is a door at a gas station where we stopped on a road trip in college (I spent one semester following the baseball team all over the Big 8 with several of the players girl friends. Ever since that spring it has been my goal to attend spring training.) I also look like my legs are about 4 feet long.

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Johnny said...

Saving the links of you in KU gear to show my wife.