Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chinese New Year

Now that Christmas and New Year are out of the way, it is time for Chinese New Year. Our agency has a huge party every year to celebrate and we are planning on attending it this year. I would like to get organized a start a few traditions for our family as well. We usually go out to dinner to celebrate so we will probably do that. I have a great book that breaks down all of the Chinese holidays and tells you when you should start planning to start things. It was written for Chinese-Americans who may want to celebrate but don't know exactly what to do. Annika found it in her closet the other day so now all I need to do is read the chapter on CNY and figure out what were going to do.


Two Pearls said...

YEAH! I can't wait to see you guys there and finally meet! One tip - when you get there, put your blog name on your nametag. I had so many people come up to me to ask if I was from Two Pearls...they recognized us!

The book you that the Moonbeams and Dumplings or something like that? I need to get one...

Jan said...

Wishing you a Very Happy Chinese New Year!!
Jan, John & Jillian Rose