Wednesday, December 03, 2008

SPIRIT and Anatomy Greetings

I have a few things that I am really looking forward to right now. I teach honors level anatomy and physiology at a large school in southern New Hampshire (the only part of the state with large high schools that are consolidated I think). We have a very diverse population (both culturally and economically) of students which can be wonderful but can also be a pain in the behind. Although I teach only honors now, there was one point where I taught all lower level classes, which is a totally different animal. This afternoon I went to training to become a facilitator for a program called SPIRIT. It is a program that works with people to discusses the issues in a community (city, school, etc.) and to find resolutions for the issues. They ran the program at our school a couple of years ago and it was a great success. I did the short program for teachers then and thought it was cool, I can't wait to be involved with the students. I think it will be quite an experience.

On another, much sillier note, I have decided to have a holiday tree in my class. I stole the idea from my friend who has a Chemistree each year (Yes we are nerds!!) My students have christened ours the Anatomy and Physiolotree. The students are making the decorations and I have decided we will call them Organments. They are talking about making small intestines out of pantyhose for the tinsel and topping it with a skull (although I think a lumbar vertebrae would be more star-ish). I got red and blue lights so we can arrange them as arteries and veins. Now I need to find an artificial tree that doesn't cost a bundle and we will be in business.

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Denita (Michelle's friend) said...

I love love love your creativity! Michelle is like that, too!! Plus, thanks for the laugh tonight. Your "I Believe" and Speedo insights gave me a good chuckle.