Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Complaining

Chuck isn't on tonight so I am using my free time to comment on various random things.

  • I have been sick since Thanksgiving. I have reactive airway syndrome which is basically like having asthma that is triggered by irritants. Usually it is my allergies that set it off, this year it is a virus. I have been to the doctor three times in the last three weeks trying to get it cleared up. The first time she gave me albuterol and sent me on my way. The second time I saw a physician's assistant (which I don't usually get too excited about) and he gave me prednisone because I had basically been having an asthma attack for 2 weeks at that point. The meds helped for a few days but then started to return. Today I saw him again. He gave me a longer course of prednisone and an anti-inflammatory (have an impinged nerve from all of the coughing). Hopefully this will take care of it cuz I am sick of feeling like crap and having no energy.

  • I heard this weekend that the Dugger family had their 18th child this weekend. C'mon 18 kids, REALLY??? How can you possible parent 18 kids??? I wouldn't even be able to remember all of their names. We would have to have one of those George Foreman systems set up. That way all you would have to say is "DAVID" everyone would turn around to look, then you could just point at the one you want; problem solved. I guess they are lucky in a way. The parents will go practically their entire adult life and never have to wash a dish or mow the yard or take out the trash or run the vacuum or etc. because they can give those duties as "chores". Can you imagine the grocery bill???

  • I have read the first two Twilight books and am sending David out for the third tomorrow. Yes I know they are written for teenagers and they are poorly written but I DON'T CARE. I am addicted. I have to say that I am not going to see the movies though. Their actors don't match the people in my head so I just can't do it. Did you ever have that happen, you read a book and you see everything one way and then the movie ruins everything for you? It also happened for me with Jurassic Park. Ever since that one I usually don't see a movie after I have read the book (except Harry Potter of course).

  • My Chiefs are killing me this year. They have come so close each week to winning but blow it in the end every time. I would really love for them to just hold out to the very end. It would be much easier on me if they just got totally blown out every week than this leading until the last three minutes crap. A couple weeks ago they lost in the last minute and a half!!!! UGHHHHHH!!!!!

  • I am slowly becoming addicted to Facebook. I have found so many people from high school and a few from college. I'm sure there are more people I know and I just don't recognize their names.

  • We still haven't sent our X-mas cards yet (probably related to my Facebook addiction). David is ordering more tomorrow and we will get them out on X-mas eve. We have receive lots of cards this year, many with pictures of beautiful children on them. I need to find a place to hang all the pictures cuz it seems such a waste to not have them displayed somewhere in the house.


Two Pearls said...

Oooo...I'm a Facebook addict too! I'll make you my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

The Duggars are really odd people. The way that they "parent" each new child is assign them to an older child. Supposedly, they dont have any debt and they just built a huge house. I can't imagine having 18 kids! and she's 42 i think!