Monday, December 01, 2008

I Believe...

I believe that no catalog should sell a size 14 as an XL. Not only does it insult the size 14s of the world, it also insults us greater than a 14. I haven't been a 14 since I was 14.

I believe that teaching cursive to 8 year olds is horrible punishment for parents everywhere.

I believe that the Thanksgiving pie made the day after Thanksgiving is better than the real meal itself. (Gotta love everything completely drenched in gravy)

I believe in Santa Claus.

I believe that NO ONE should look the same 20 years after they graduate from high school. NO ONE!!!!
I believe that I have the two most adorable children on the face of this earth.

I believe that grounding a child is much worse punishment for the parents than the child.

I believe that chili with dill pickle slices and ketchup is one of the best food combinations ever.

I believe Crocs are quite possibly both the ugliest and most wonderful shoes every created.

I believe nothing is better than a day at the beach, although in NH it is a little hard to enjoy the water since it is usually FREEZING.

I believe in cheering for my team loudly and whole heartily (GO CHIEFS!!!)
I believe I could blog every day this month.
I believe that is a long enough list.

What do you believe in?

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Two Pearls said...

I believe that you and I agree on most of these things! Don't ya hate the clothing sizes? I have items in my closet between a size 0 (skirt from Ann Taylor) and 14 (Levis jeans that are at least a decade old) that all fit me. Trust me, I am no where NEAR a ZERO!

EJ started cursive last year and our district has this new funky cursive where none of the letters really connect? Weird. Hate it.

The girls got me the new fuzzy lined crocs for my birthday. I love 'em. EJ put them on her Xmas list!

I'm not so sure about the chili with pickles and ketchup thing though...