Sunday, December 07, 2008

Give a Little

I currently take coumadin and am unable to donate blood because of it. I always used to donate at every opportunity. It slightly bums me out that I cannot do it anymore. I have all of this blood and no one can use it (except me obviously). On election day there was a table set up where you could register to become a blood marrow donor. I talked to the man at the table and figured out that I would be able to donate bone marrow, even on the coumadin, so I signed up for the registry. I was so happy that I was going to be able to donate something again. Once I got in the van and looked more closely at the paperwork, I realized that I couldn't donate because I have an autoimmune disorder which disqualifies me. So I had to have my name pulled from the list and my samples I had given destroyed.

I am telling you this in the hopes that someone reading this had thought about donating in the past but didn't know how to get on the registry. I have put the address for an organization called Save Giovannni in the links section on the sidebar. It is an organization run by a family (the man at the table is the father) whose son was born with a rare form of leukemia. The family started to run donor drives throughout New Hampshire. There son is now in remission, but they continue with their efforts in order to help other families who need a donor.

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