Saturday, December 06, 2008


We spent part of the day today getting the tree up and putting out the outside lights. David does the outside stuff. We got these cool new LED lights that repeat a 5 minute light show. They are shaped like the big outside lights, but are much bigger. They change colors and have several different patterns that they make. We also got a new inflatable this year that is Santa and a penguin on an island with a palm tree. It is pretty cute.

Alex and I built the tree and then I put up the lights and tinsel. I got new tinsel at the end of the season last year (actually at the beginning of this year technically). I don't think that I like it. It is red and green and looks very dark on the tree. I am used to silver, may have to dig out the old stuff tomorrow. We are putting the ornaments on tomorrow.

I put on the lights and stuff while Annika was napping. After she woke up we were sitting on the floor beside the tree. She smiled real big and pointed at the tinsel. She also pointed it out to David. She hasn't tried to touch it or anything, but we'll see how she does after the ornaments are up.

I put a poll about X-mas decorating on the sidebar.

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