Friday, November 28, 2008

We're Back

We spent the last couple of nights at the CoCo Key water park down in Massachussetts. A good time was had by all. I do have a few complaints though.

  1. The Sheraton Sweet Sleeper bed has been horrible misnamed. If you haven't stayed in a Sheraton, they have a super special bed that they have in all of their hotels. It is called the sweet sleeper and, in my opinion, it is horrible. I think it should be called the Sheraton Stone Sleeper bed since it was so stinkin' hard. David thought maybe it was actually a Chinese mattress (since the majority of the patrons of the hotel seemed to be Asian), although he loved it (this is why we have a sleep number bed -- Him 55-60, Me 40). I complained when we checked out this morning and the woman was amazed. She said that people stay at the hotel just for the mattress, I think these people must usually sleep on the floor because that is what the mattress felt like to me.
  2. Five little words "Just Say No To Speedo!!!". It doesn't matter what you are built like, don't do it. PLEASE!!!!! No one wants to see that (especially if your hairy(man at CoCo Key)). Invest in a nice baggy pair of trunks that hang to your knees and leave something to the imagination.
  3. If you have an A&W restaurants, you should have A&W root beer. The kind from the special fountain that is only behind the counter. I was looking forward to a big frosty paper cup full of A&W goodness, and they only had Mug on the fountain. It's a disgrace.

I'll post some pictures once I edit them to make sure there are none with me in my swimsuit snuck in. David was in charge of photography.

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amy said...

looking forward to your pics.. sorry about the mattresses..thats not good at all