Sunday, September 14, 2008

She's one of us

I have been thinking alot lately about Annika's birth family. I chose to think of them as a family, a mother and a father and possible a sibling (or two). I may be delusional but I figure that she has a daddy in America that loves her to pieces and she has a birth father some place in China who may have a huge hole in his heart just like her birth mother. We will probably never know who her birth family is or the situation that led to her abandonment, but we will speak of both of her birth parents when the questions arise. I will think of them every September 18th for the rest of my life.

I wonder if they will take time to think of her on Thursday, her birthday. Will they be sad? Will they wonder where she is and how she is doing? Will they wish they could kiss her sweet cheeks and receive one of her silly smiles? Would they be proud of her progress since she has come home? Do they have any idea what a wonder they are missing out on?

If I could talk to them I would tell them thank you for such a wonderful child. She is our sunshine. She is a joy. She is funny and charming and lovable and beautiful. She has her brother and daddy wrapped around her little finger (and me too). I would promise that we will protect her and guide her as she travels through life. We will make sure that she knows where she comes from and do our best to make her proud of her heritage. I would tell them that she is our daughter and sister and that we will love her unconditionally for the rest of our lives.

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Keagan said...

you just made me cry, you jerk! How are things in NH? How's your full schedule of A and P?