Friday, July 25, 2008

What We've Been Doing

My sister and her family came for a visit so I have been a little too busy to post lately. We covered alot of area while they were here. We hit the beach and Story Land, spent the day in Portsmouth, and played at the indoor playground that Alex loves. We had alot of fun and everyone got along great. Annika loved meeting her cousins and playing with them. The pictures are in no particular order. Here are some high lights of our trip.

  • Annika met Cinderella and rode several rides, including the Ferris wheel and pirate ship, at Story Land.

  • We met another family who had adopted through our agency three years ago at the hotel where we stayed. They even had the same national guide that we did.

  • Alex got to spend alot of time in his favorite place at Story Land: the Loopy Lab, it is this big open area with air powered cannons where you can shoot foam balls at people. He loves it.

  • My nieces, my sister and I all tried boogie boarding for the first time. It was pretty fun, I spent most of the afternoon doing it actually. I don't usually go to the beach with other adults so I took my chance to stay in the water when I got it.
  • We passed Mount Washington (the highest peak in the northeast US with the worst weather in the world(that's what the website says anyway)) on our way home from Story Land although we never did figure out which mountain it was.

In other news, David and I are going to the Red Sox-Yankees game on Sunday night. We will be behind the Yankees dugout. The game is on ESPN so if you watch look for the big guy in the Yankees jersey, that would be David. I am a little nervous because it will be Annika's first time with a sitter. I know she will do fine, but if gives me something to worry about none the less.

I will post an update on Annika's progress later today so I can put up some video of her newest tricks.

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Doreen said...

I don't even get on the ferris wheel!!!!!

Doreen in Montreal