Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All Hail The Mighty Five Tooth

It is amazing how fast children grow and learn new things. Here are some of Annika's latest achievements.

  • She cut another tooth, so now she is up to five. Alex and I had to change her nickname from the Mighty Four Tooth.

  • As you can see in the video, she is starting to get mobile. She can get on her hands and knees, but only moves forward with the army crawl, rolling, and pivoting. Part of early intervention is getting her up on her hands and knees.

  • She is feeding herself more. Some of her favorite finger foods are pasta, bananas, avocados, and veggie straws. She is getting very good at picking things out of the carpet and putting them in her mouth as well. She can't get a cheerio in her mouth, but she can locate, pick up, and stuff a dog hair in there (I am now vacuuming daily!!!).

  • She has decided there is no need for Kleenex when I am wearing a nice, clean shirt. It never fails.

  • We survived our first babysitter. Annika did great with the sitter on Sunday night. She had no problem with going to sleep (which I was really concerned about) and I didn't call one single time to check in (although I sis ask about 15 times what time it was around bed time, just in case I needed to be ready for a phone call).

  • She started to nod her head yes instead of just shaking it. She has been a head shaker ever since we met her. It didn't really have a meaning at first, I think it was a stimulation thing. This week she is getting a little spicy* with the head shaking (see video below) it makes it hard to reprimand her without laughing.

*Annika is from Jiangxi province. They say that the people there are "spicy" because of their personalities. We have seen a few examples of this, mainly when we set her down someplace when she wants to be held. She tattles on us to whoever will listen.

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Kristin said...


I too have found that the fastest way to dirty a clean shirt is by picking up the baby. I have a medley of drool and mucus and on my shirt by 9am every day. I am a human kleenex.