Monday, April 14, 2008

Would you recognize her?

I am pretty sure that I would not recognize Annika right now if you put her right in front of me. I have memorized those three pictures, but that was over 2 months ago and that is a long time in baby time. I have seen lots of people post on their blogs that they recognized their baby when they saw them on family day/ gotcha day/ what-ever-you-want-to-call-it day. I'm pretty sure I'll have no clue.

A woman who visited Yifeng SWI (Home of Annika Lin LuMu) posted pictures on blog today of the orphanage and a few of its residents. There is a picture of a little girl, about the right age, with lots of hair, a nice round face and cute little button nose. She could even possibly have the same pointy little chin. But we don't think its her, the ears are to different (can you tell I have put some time into this?). You see what you think. I really don't think she is Annika, but maybe she is the daughter of someone else in our travel group.


Anonymous said...

I think it's her! The nose is exactly the same, the chin is the same. To me the ears look the same, it's just that one is getting pushed out a bit by the collar in the new picture. It can be hard to tell two months later and with a different expression, but look at the bridge between her eyes, look at those cheeks. I think that's your little girl! And an adorable one she is. :)

Stacey T. said...

I don't think it's her....sorry. Your baby has an adorable little arch in her eyebrows, and the other baby doesn't....

I can't wait to follow along when you travel!!!!

Gail said...

No, that's not her.
You will be surprised how you WILL recognize Annika.
I had a 5 mos. old picture of Loren at referral and adopted her when she was 13 mos old. When they brought her in the room I recognized her immediately!
A little older but Loren without a doubt.

Julie Siegel said...

I vote with the "Not Annika" crowd. And I'm pretty sure it ain't Lilah either.

I, for one, walked RIGHT PAST Eliana on adoption day, and I'm pretty good with faces. Mind you, I recognized everybody ELSE's babies from their referral photos; I just couldn't find my own. Our SW, who was with us on the trip, said that's not at all uncommon, what with nerves and all.

kikalee said...

Yeah, I think it's A. The ears gave it away for me. I totally didn't recognize Siya on metcha. You'd think a 19 month old would be easy to find, but I completely locked onto the wrong girl (who is now a close friend). Oh, this is so incredibly exciting!

Ruby Cate said...

I dunno, I'm gonna go with " I don't think it's her..." as my vote. Trust me, you'll KNOW HER when you see her. I got Ruby's referral photo & she was only 8 months IF THAT in the image, and I didn't lay actual eyes on her till she was 14 months & IMMEDIATELY I knew it was her without a doubt. Best moment of my life. Oh how your world is about to change with what is going to be quite possibly the BEST BLESSING EVER!


-Amy & Ruby Cate

ps. LOVE the blanket in the care package, where'd you get it?

Anonymous said...

I dont think it's her. If you line up the inside corners of their eyes vertically with their noses, they are different. The inside corners of Annika's lovely eyes are above the edge of her nostrils. The other baby's eyes are further out.They are both sweeties though!
Annika is beautiful. She looks serene. Congratulations.

Bill & Kristi said...

I don't think it's her either.
We did the same thing with our daughters picture- I even tried to overlay the photos in Photoshop to see if facial features lined up....... some did, some didn't. So we don't 'think' it's our daughter, but then again who knows!
Love the name Annika! She's so beautiful.
– Kristi & Bill

Wendy said...

it's so hard to tell.. they change so much in such a short period of time.. but they certainly look simular.

Sparky said...

I don't think that is Annika. That baby seems to be older than 7 months old, perhaps closer to 10 months old.