Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Well, supposedly the referrals have been sent but probably won't arrive until Saturday for some mysterious reason that they don't care to share in the queendom. I contacted my agency (because I am so sick of this wait and frankly don't care if I am a bother at this point) and they are attending a conference on Saturday so won't be in the office (of course, why make things easy now) so we will have to wait until Monday to actually get the referral. I know I shouldn't complain since we know that we will be getting the referral in a few more days, but this SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! So what if they are in the mail I want them here, now.

Enough with the waiting without an end. Can't they at least say "Hey listen, we mailed 'em. They should arrive on Monday, have a good day". NO!!! They have to send them but not actually tell anyone they have been sent, heaven forbid we actually are allowed to plan something for once in the last two stinkin' years. Instead I get to go in every morning and tell my students "I don't think it will be today, but it could be, but I'm not sure." I planned to have my Anatomy 2 classes perform their immunity plays (sounds thrilling I know) and now I may not be there, but I don't know that for sure so I don't want to change the date they need to be finished yet. Plus it makes it heard to find faculty judges when I don't know if they are doing it that day or not. We made plans to attend a fair at Alex's school on Friday, got the tickets today. But can't be sure that we will make it because we may be in Boston. UGHHHHHHH!!! Why does everything have to be a big secret??? Do they not realize that we have lives outside of the adoption??

I can't wait to get this kid home and get out of this crazy mess. If someone asked me about adopting from China right now, I would scream "NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Don't be a fool, run the other way as fast as you can and never speak of this again". I would tell them not to even consider it unless they were interested in SN although I have heard that can get pretty ugly with several families vying for the same child. I know the end result will be worth the wait but not wish this whole mess on anyone.

GOD!!!! I need some ICE CREAM!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Carrie, I called DHL for my agency and our referrals went out today so we think it will be Monday for our families too. :( Sorry to hear that!!! I've been stalking your blog constantly!!!!


kikalee said...

Get this woman a referral or she's close to human combustion! Oh, you are SO bringing me back there. I feel your pain. I cannot wait!!

Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

I just had a big ol' bowl of Turkey Hill Philadelphia Style chocolate ice cream in your honor. It was delicious!

We were in the same boat - west coast got their pkgs on Friday before easter and we had to wait until Monday. I kept thinking that MAYBE the phone would ring on Sat, but alas it did not. Sunday was torture. By Monday I was a basket case. Bawled like a big baby at work. Was panicked that if the call waited until Tuesday I would have to drive past Fenway on opening day (always an early game) to get to CAWLI!!!

I am about ready to explode waiting with you! I can't wait to see all the pics!!! :)

Okay, enough about me...back to you. I highly recommend several scoops with hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry...maybe even some sprinkles. BTW, What is "Philadelphia style" ice cream anyway? I grew up near Pittsburgh and didn't know anything about Philly ice cream. Pretzels, yes. Steak sandwiches, sure. But ice cream?

I gotto go google that now...


Gail said...

I hear ya!!
I have been working last 2 nights and it is very difficult to respond to emails at work and I'm going NUTS not being able too!! Dumb computer doesn't work well replying to emails.
But I am off next 2 days and was hoping for a Friday referral but in my gut I had a feeling it would be Monday.
Stay tuned..I will be complaining right along side you.

Kristin said...

You and I can get adjoining rooms at the looney bin, ok?
They have nice soft walls and all the ice cream you can eat!

Julie Siegel said...

Funny you should mention ice cream. Eliana had a near melt-down today, so I decided a mid-afternoon cone was just the thing on a sunny and somewhat-warm day after the world's longest winter and an even longer wait. In fact, I don't know if you could hear her whining in the background when we spoke....but that was where I took her right after we got off the phone. They say New Englanders eat four times their weight in ice cream annually. In our case, it's probably true.