Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

I have found an AMAZING airfare on-line that would save us thousands of dollars compared to other prices we have found. We cannot buy the tickets yet since we don't have our confirmed dates, but our reservations will be held for a week, so the consulate needs to get their behinds in gear and get that appointment time out. Keep your fingers crossed for us to beat the clock and be able to get these tickets. I talked to our agency today (about 4 times) and they said that there is another long weekend holiday this weekend so if we don't hear anything tomorrow, we won't hear until Monday.


Wendy said...

Could they make it any harder!!! I will keep my finger's crossed that you find out in time...

Take Care

Ruby Cate said...

I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you but wanted to also share this bit of info. I recently watched Chronicle & the show was all about tips & timing on big purchases, airfare being one of them. They said that airlines will release general sales for advance purchase on TUESDAYS of every week, so that was the best day to buy your tickets if looking for that great price. Also, they said anyone interested in using frequent flier miles should plan ahead, 330 days to be exact. Airlines load all the rewards into the system EXACTLY 330 days before the day you use them. So if you want a good freebie seat, a little math, alot of patience and some good timing & you're set! Now I know that won't help you now, but perhaps in the future? Say, a trip to Disney? *wink* Hope that TUESDAY info helps!

-Amy & Ruby Cate

Ruby Cate said...

Oh, I almost forgot... if you still have some pre-China shopping to do & you're a Target shopper, here is what Chronicle had to say about their codes:

Target follows a regular markdown schedule that doesn't change...

It is as follows:

Monday: Electronics & Kids Clothing
Tuesday: Pet supplies & Women's Clothing
Wednesday: Men's Clothing
Thursday: Housewares
Friday: Cosmetics

Hope this helps!
(and by the by, I NEVER knew this & am a HUGE TARGET FAN! Now, I'll be even MORE so!)